Bantu – ‘Disrupt the Programme’

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The Lagos based Afrofunk group Bantu just released the energetic protest song ‘Disrupt the Programme‘ as a lead track to their long-awaited long player ‘Everybody Get Agenda‘. The track challenges Nigerian citizens to voice out their anger about the country’s problems, not on social media, but on the streets. According to the group, “‘Disrupt The Programme’ is a call to action against a government and system that has created an atmosphere of fear and terror where insurgency, kidnappings, corruption, criminalization of poverty and blatant abuse of power has become our normal.”

”Oga no tell me say make I hold my anger
Make I no make noise make I cooli temper …
How long we go dey wait dey sit down debate
Dey waste our saliva dey yan for social media
Nothing go change if we no organise”

Acknowledging ongoing attempts to silence citizens by intimidation, the tracks advocates for an active political culture, in which citizens use their democratic right to aggregate their interests.

“Na we get di strength na we get di numbers
Nothing to fear my brother rise up my sisters
By vote or by force we must wipe di slate clean”

The video was directed by Cologne based videographer Mirko Polo.


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