Sammany Hajo – ‘Sudan Revolts’

Sammany Hajo Sudan Revolts

During the revolution in Sudan that saw former President El-Bashir incarcerated and a new transitional government put in place, songs by Sudanese artists inspired protesters. Chants and hymns are vital to energize demonstrators all over the world. In the coming months, I will present to you some of the tracks that were played and sung in this historical period of Sudan.

One of the first artists creating a track was Qatar based producer Sammany Hajo. ‘Sudan Revolts‘ was published in December 2018 and quickly gained popularity on the streets of Khartoum. By integrating protest chants and speeches into the song, Sammany Hajo literally gave Sudanese people a voice. The song grew out of protests in order to inspire new ones. As he explained to Okayafrica, the track encouraged anti-government protesters to continue their demonstrations: “After releasing ‘Sudan Revolts’, I received a lot of messages from people who were taking part in the protests, telling me that my music helps them get through the day or even motivate them to go out again and keep fighting.” (Okayafrica).


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