Bobi Wine & Nubian Li – ‘Corona Virus Alert’

Bibi Wine & Nubian Li - 'Corona Virus Alert' 1Bibi Wine & Nubian Li - 'Corona Virus Alert' 3Bibi Wine & Nubian Li - 'Corona Virus Alert' 2

Ugandan musician and member of parliament for Kyadondo East constituency Bobi Wine uses his popularity and partnered with Nubian Li to release the track ‘Corona Virus Alert‘. As countries all over the world record daily increasing cases of Covid-19, the Ugandan musicians want to contribute in alerting Ugandans not to spread the virus.

Referring to music as a tool to sensitize huge crowds in a rapid manner, Bobi Wine explained via twitter: “In this struggle against the Coronavirus, we must deploy all our mighty weapons. Music has always been our most potent weapon so it must be unleashed without wait. Let’s use all the tools at our disposal to sensitize the masses against this global pandemic.” The song include following lines:

“The bad news is that everyone is a potential victim

But the good news is that everyone is a potential solution,

… Isolate yourself fom the public,

Be patriotic,

… Prevention is better than cure.

The corona virus is sweeping over mankind.

In recent days, several artists from the African continent have used their voice to caution people about the virus: ‘Fagaru Ci Coronavirus‘ by Y en a marre (Senegal), ‘We’ve Got This – Fight against Coronavirus/ COVID-19‘ by Ndlovu Youth Choir (South Africa) or ‘Coronavirus Song‘ by President George Weah (Liberia).

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