Kolinga – ‘Nguya na ngai’

Kolinga Nguya na ngai 3Kolinga Nguya na ngai 2Kolinga Nguya na ngai 1

Congolese-French afro-folk duo Kolinga (to love, in Lingala) released the video for their track ‘Nguya na ngai’ (my power, in Lingala), which is a powerful and beautiful ode to the strength and resilience of women. The singer Rebecca M’Boungou and guitarist Arnaud Estor regard the song as an “more than urgent incitation to respect women’s strength in a profound manner”. In the lyrics, M’Boungou personifies all women, “I am your mother, I am your sister, I am your dearest friend” and sings about the love that women share in families and societies worldwide. She criticizes the unjust social structures that patriarchy insists on them: “You, man, to whom I gave life, what is mine is less worthy in your eyes”. The dance choreography – coordinated by Raphaëlle Renucci – shows elegant, proud and intensive moves that fits perfectly to the lyrics:

“My love is limitless  and my joy infinite,
I carry the world and sow its fruits,  
I am your mother, I am your sister, I am your dearest friend,  
I love you and sometimes I receive nothing in return,
You, man, to whom I gave life,  
What is mine is less worthy in your eyes,  
But I am strong, much more than you can imagine,  
And my power is huge,  
Greatest and deepest than the one you desire,  
My Power is Love, and my Love heals the world”

“Mon amour est sans limite et ma joie est infinie,
Je porte le monde et sème ses fruits,
Je suis ta mère, ta soeur, ton amie,
Je t’aime et parfois je n’ai rien en retour,
Toi, l’homme a qui j’ai donné la vie,
La mienne est si peu chère à tes yeux,
Mais je suis forte, bien plus que tu ne le crois,
Et mon pouvoir est immense,
Bien plus fort et bien plus beau que tout celui que tu convoites,
Mon pouvoir c’est d’aimer et mon amour soigne le monde.”

Pictures: Screenshots Youtube video


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