Ndlovu Youth Choir – ‘We’ve Got This – Fight against Corona virus/ COVID-19’

Ndlovu Choir Corona

In order to raise awareness about the Corona virus, the South African Ndlovu Youth Choir released a song and video, in which they share their advice on how we all can contribute to fight the Corona pandemic. The Youth choir is part of the Ndlovu Care Group in the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo that provides innovative healthcare, childcare, education, and community development.

Their advice in the video sounds simple, but it can/ will saves lives:

“Wash your hands my friend,

Don’t touch you face,

Don’t go to the doctor, just call

Don’t panic, 

Don’t spread rumours …” 


During the last days several musicians, like AsaSarkodie (“Provision is better than chaos) or Manifest (“It’s important that you take precaution“) have used their influence to advice their fans and followers about the necessity to behave responsibly in these days.

Picture: Screenshots, Youtube video

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