‘Appreciation Mix 900k’ – DJ Black Coffee

900k black coffee copyIt’s slowly becoming one of the nicest online-traditions in the Afrohouse-Culture. As soon as DJ Black Coffee hits another 100.000 likes-mark (!) on his Facebook page, he thanks his fans by delivering a first class Afrohouse-Mix. Listen here to his newest masterpiece, the ‘Appreciation Mix 900k’. It’s obvious, we can expect something great when he hits the 1 Million mark. Til then, we can keep on listening to the other two mixtapes.


  1. Yoo…..my brother(bLacK cOfFEe)…you rocks my world,,u turns me ON..u makes me take everythng oFF…and letson to ur sounds and move,dance all day long.

  2. dj black coffe how can I download this mix k900 I tried to download it I fail please can you give me the link where I can download it

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