‘Internet Jetset Zuper’ – OkMalumKoolKat

internet jetset zuperSouth African artist OkMalumKoolKat just dropped the futuristic Hip Hop tune ‘Internet Jetset Zuper‘. He was approached by the FADER to produce a track from scratch. It is actually his first self-produced track: “My first ever sole production … It was a challenge for me to create something from scratch. Well the composition and writing is usually my part so that was gravy.” … it definitely became a great party anthem.

He also shares with us his motivation behind the cover art: “I kind of went with the title of the track. Internet jetset zuper, a surfer of the internet. He is everywhere but, he sitting behind a laptop/ compurar screen somewhere. his avatar, the face/ mask represents him … The face/mask is a visual comment on african lineage and what it means in the present. Bought the beaded crown from a Massai market in Nairobi, Kenya stuck a CD on it inspired by the rarely discussed Samburu tribe, also from Kenya and a recent encounter with Sun Ra’s art film, Space is the place.”

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