‘Forever & Ever’ – Kahli Abdu & Make/Believe

kahli abduIt has been some time that I came across such a refreshing sound. You just listen to it and start moving your head. Eclectic melodies and happy guitar riffs. The beauty of the track is that it sounds so universal. It could well be a radio hit in South Africa, Germany or USA.

Forever and Ever‘ is the leading track of a project by Nigerian Kahli Abdu and producers Make/Believe, entitled ‘A.R.T.’ (Alternative Rap Tunes Project). It promises a mix of Hip Hop, Indie, Highlife, Pop, Soul, Grunge, Jazz, Afrobeat, etc. That sounds quite ambitious, but ‘Forever & Ever’ is really an excellent track and are looking forward to listen to more A.R.T.-products.

HT: Okayafrica

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