‘Loving You’ – Zone Fam (Feat. Wezi)

Loving-you_track-artZambian band Zone Fam, who established themselves as the main Zambian music export product, are currently busy working on their sophomore album. In order to give us a glimpse of what we ca expect, they have now released the sweet Hip Hop ballad ‘Loving You‘, which features Zambian Afrosoul shooting star Wezi. This was the collabo we have been waiting for!

On her part, Wezi sings these beautiful lines: “Zuuba na usiku wa neh, Chikondi na Chimwemwe cha neh (My sunshine & night time, my love & joy)”

The producer of the track, Mr. Rox, fused Hip Hop with elements of Zamrock, a genre that emerged in Zambia during the 1970s and is described as a combination of Jimi Hendrix’s psychedelic rock and James Brown’s funk. The genre is currently experencing a revival. In case you are more interested in Zamrock, you may follow the blog Zamrock.

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