African Classic: ‘Wali Bena’ – Muyei Power

Muyei PowerThanks to Soundway Records (home of Ibibio Sound Machine, Débruit & Alsarah, The Busy Twist) we are able to listen to this musical jewelry, created during the late 1975 and early 1976. The Orchestre Muyei or Muyei Power (Muyei, meaning ‘our country’) was one of the most popular bands in Sierra Leone during the 1970s. Although the themes of their music was always rooted in traditional songs, the rhythms and instrumental arrangements show distinct influences from rock, electric Congolese and Nigerian music. The group split up in 1979 without ever producing an own album.

According to Soundway Records,  Muyei Power’s music has been unavailable for 35 years. But fortunately, it’s never too late to bring them back to the surface. The music crafted by Muyei Power is just one of thousands of other bands, whose music lies in hidden boxes and shelves, yet to be re-discovered. The track ‘Wali Bena‘ should re-energize our efforts to search in African music history to find more of such musical jewelry.

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