‘Julud’ – Aziza Brahim

julud1Deeply rooted in the Saharawi music tradition, the Westsaharan chanteuse Aziza Brahim adds Malian, Spanish, Cuban and contemporary Anglo-European nuances to her music to create a magical sound. After her two frist releases on the French label Reaktion (‘Mi Canto‘, ‘Mabruk‘) she will release her debut album on Glitterbeat – titled ‘Soutak‘ – in February 2014. It was as recorded live and direct in Barcelona in June of 2013 and produced by Chris Eckman (Tamikrest, Ben Zabo, Dirtmusic).

In her the song ‘Julud‘ she praises her mother and emphasises her example in the Saharawi political struggle:

You are like the night and the stars/ Your voice goes beyond the top of the clouds/
You are the smiling breeze of today/ You are an example of humanity and of fight.
Resist, immortal, resist.”


Aziza Brahim  *-*  ‘Julud

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