‘Nadia Number’ – Bryte



Bryte3Africa Unsigned, formerly a crowdfunding platform to support unsigned African artists, have changed their strategy. They announced that their main focus will be on the development of interactive music campaigns. The first product of this revised strategy is the excellent music video for the track ‘Nadia Number‘ by upcoming Ghanaian artist Bryte.

Chale! The first seconds of the video – as Bryte gets into the picture while riding on a horse and that tense wester-movie-style sound – is definitely one of the nicest African music video moments in 2013. Other highlights of the video are the various dancers and Bryte riding with his crew through his neighborhood in Accra. Check out Bryte’s EP ‘Akeba Boy‘ on bandcamp.

Bryte  *-*  ‘Nadia Number

H/T: AfriPop (Purchase via bandcamp)

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