Wetin dey happen?! #14

nek unkekIn the 14th version of Wetin dey happen?! I invite you to dance by showing you these five excellent tracks from five different countries. At first, you are invited to the dancefloor with Liquideep‘s soulful Afro-House tune ‘Welcome Aboard‘ from South Africa, which is followed by Kaaz‘ (aka Mr. Boomslang) lovely Pop/Dancehall banger ‘Sweet Gal‘ from Zimbabwe. We continue with an exceptionally entertaining video for ‘Nek-Unek‘ by Nigerian MC Galaxy (Feat. Davido), which showcases the culture of the people from the Akwa-Ibom and Calabar region in Nigeria. The fourth track comes from UK based Ghanaian artist Fuse ODG and is called ‘Million Pound Girl‘ and the last dance tune is from Madagascar: Enancia‘s fast pacedTsy Mety‘. Twende kucheza!

Liquideep  *-*  ‘Welcome Aboard (Purchase via itunes)

Kaaz (aka Mr. Boomslang)  *-*  ‘Sweet Gal

MC Galaxy  *-*  ‘Nek-Unek‘ (Feat. Davido)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Million Pound Girl

 Enancia  *-*  ‘Tsy Mety

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