‘Jay Z: The African Way’ – DJ Papercutt

jay-z-african-wayWe all know this voice. Few artists have shaped Hip Hop in the last 20 years like New York native Jay-Z. South Africa DJ genius DJ Papercutt has created an amazing Audio Documentary Remix Project called ‘Jay-Z – The African Way‘. He remixed famous Jay-Z tracks with songs of great African artists like Miriam Makeba, Fela Kuti, Hugh Masekela, etc.

DJ Papercutt has this to say: “In this first installment the majority of it has a South African sound because I’m from South Africa myself, and as this is the first installment of the series I would like my people at home to vibe to it and grasp the concept. The African Way is an ongoing series, so later on I will put together Nas: The African Way and then Kanye West: The African Way.” We can’t wait for the upcoming series products.

You can download the complete album for FREE here. Check out the Tracklist below.

DJ Papercutt  *-*  ‘Jay Z: The African Way

1. Intro
2. African Gangster (Sankomota – Now Or Never)
3. Being Around Music
4. Pray (Caiphus Semenya – Matswale)
5. Subject Matter
6. Fallin (Miriam Makeba – Welela)
7. The Descipline
8. Roc Boys (Sankomota – Stop the War)
9. The Maturation
10. Threat (Jonas Gwangwa – Shebeen)
11. The Clothing Business
12. Money Aint A Thang (Feast. Jermaine Duprie) (Chicco – I Need Some Money)
13. Gangster On A Train (Hugh Masekela – Stimela)
14. Say Hello (Letta Mbulu – There’s Music in the Air)
15. Growth as an Artist
16. Success (Feat. Nas) (Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy)
17. The Decision
18. Encore (Sipho Hotstix Mabuse – Burn Out)

H/T: Okayafrica

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