‘Chimsoro’ – Maleh



Chimsoro2Maleh‘s voice will sound familiar to many fans of South African House music. She was featured already on various House hits, like Time’ (Dj Qness), Not so Far (Dj Ganyani) and the international hit Falling(Dj Kent). Since 2011, the Lesotho-born artist pursues a solo career as a Afro-Soul/ Jazz artist. Her debut LP ‘Stepchild‘ was nominated for the 2013 Metro FM Music Awards in the categories ‘Best African Pop’ and ‘Best Contemporary Jazz’.

Chimsoro‘, one of her tracks was now visualized in a great video by Gorilla Films. The track has a very fresh and positive jazz vibe and seems to include some West-African elements in it. It is sung in Zulu and Shona and I guess I can hear the Swahili phrase ‘Nakupenda sana‘ (I love you very much) in the refrain.

Maleh  *-*  ‘Chimsoro(Purchase via itunes)

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