‘The Renegade’ – Friend Within



pantsula3It’s lovely to see how the music of the Liverpool based House band Friend Within blends perfectly with the isPantsula dance from South Africa. The video for their fast paced old school Hip Hop/ House track ‘The Renegade‘ shows South African isPantsula dancers from Soweto who showcase their distinct dance culture. It was directed by Craig Moore for WE ARE FAMILIA.

The isPantsula became a very popular form of dance in the 1980s among young men and women in the townships of South Africa. The dance was not only used for them to express themselves, but it was also a way of life. Born and raised during in the apartheid era, the dance reflected the violence which they experienced in the townships. In modern South Africa this dance is accompanied by Kwaito music. You may watch the documentary ‘The African Cypher‘, which shows the dance cultures in South African townships.

Thanks to Missla Libsekal who curated the video for Stocktown.

Friend Within  *-*  ‘The Renegade

H/T: Missla Libsekal/ Stocktown

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