‘Rudo Harunakufina’ – Hope Masike

rudo1In anticipation of Hope Masike‘s concert in Berlin (25th December 2013, at kuZimbabwe German Society) the mbira artist released the new track ‘Rudo Harunakufina‘. The track is a wonderful mélange of two of Zimbabweans most prominent music genres: Mbira and Sungura. Sungura music became popuar in the early 1980’s though pioneers like Sungura Boys and artists like Simon Chimbetu and Leonard Zhakata continued to shape the genre.

Rudo Harunakufina‘ is a love song and features Hope Masike’s co-producer and guitarist Clive Mono Mukundu of Monolio Studios.

Hope Masike  *-*  ‘Rudo Harunakufina

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