Introducing: Chisamo

ChisamoI would like to introcude to you a newcomer in the Zambian music landscape: Afro Soul artist Chisamo. Her first two releases give us enough reason to know that we should better closely follow her upcoming projects. Her music is being distributed by Zambian music label Slam Dunk Records, who are busy producing a new generation of Zambian music artists like Zone Fam and Scarlet. This creative environment will surely will contribute to Chisamo’s artistic development.

The Lusaka based artist is motivated to tell stories through her music, which should have a positive impact in the lifes of those listening to them. In her song ‘Niza Ku Lila Bwanji‘ (Chewa for “How will I cry for you?”) Chisamo tells us the story of a woman’s lamentation over a perfect marriage gone wrong. The song speaks of how she tried and cried so much so that she has no more tears left for the man she married, who has since left this world. She also appeals to her family not to turn a blind eye to her suffering and as such she speaks on behalf of those who suffer the same.

Listen below to her recently released song ‘Thandiwe‘ (produced by Israel Kapatula) as well as her first song ‘Niza Ku Lila Bwanj‘.


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