‘Ebony and Ivory’ – Nomsa Mazwai

nomsa mazwaiIt took Nomsa Mazwai just one release to win the South African Music Award. The LP ‘Nomisupasta‘ convinced many music experts, bloggers, music lovers that we can expect a lot from this young Afro Pop/Soul artist. Today she shared recordings on her Soundcloud from a concert she recently held at Bassline in Johannesburg. These pieces show a wonderful talent we were not able to recognize on her LP: Poetry. In the Poetry-Soul pieces ‘Ebony and Ivory‘ and ‘Globalisation‘ she translates sharp thoughts into beautiful poetry, in which she analyses race relations in South Africa and the socio-economic situation in her home country as well as the world at large.

Listen below these two poetry pieces as well as ‘Kind of Love‘, her collaboration with US Hip Hop artist Rapsody and the producer 9th Wonder. Here you can also listen to her guest appeareance on the show AFRIKA21 which is produced by the Brooklyn Community Radio.

‘… How do we describe this dual economy
where some ebony lives happily with ivory
and the rest remain ignored in skwatta camps and rural locations
continuose demontrations that never get aired
this country is a double storey house
you would never find a mouse on the top floor
where the rich eat more than they can handle … ‘


Nomsa Mazwai  *-*  ‘Ebony and Ivory(Lyrics/ Free Download)

Nomsa Mazwai  *-*  ‘Globalisation(Lyrics/ Free Download)

Rapsody  *-*  ‘Kind of Love‘ (Feat. Nomsa Mazwai)

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