RNW series ‘My song’

My songRadio Netherlands Worlwide – Africa Desk has recently launched a wonderful series called ‘My Song‘ in which African music artists are given the opportunity to talk about the motivation behind one of their songs. The five artists that have so far been given this chance are Hope Masike (Zimbabwe), eLDee (Nigeria), Gaïus Vagheni Kowene (DR Congo), Ikon (Nigeria) and Irene Ntale (Uganda). Here we are given rare insights about the personal stories behind the songs, which make us understand better why these songs were recorded and which powerful messages they carry.

Ikon (of Three Wise Men) for example tells us about Nigerian society and the challenges that various people face. In his song ‘Bastard‘ he avoids blaming specific people but stresses that every Nigerian is responsible for his/ her behaviour.

The series is produced by Serginho Roosblad and you can follow it directly on Radio Netherlands Worlwide.

Ikon  *-*  ‘My song: Bastard

Hope Masike  *-*  ‘My song: Musha Mukadzi

Irene Ntale  *-*  ‘My song: Politiqx

eLDee  *-*  ‘My song: I Go Yarn

Gaïus Vagheni Kowene  *-*  ‘My song: Ndio mazao

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