Classic: ‘Sawale’ – Rex Lawson

lawson sawaleIt’s time for another African classic. Flavour N’Abania‘s ‘Nwa Baby‘ was one of the most played tracks on African dancefloors during the last 2 years. But many people do not know the original track behind it. Flavour N’Abania actually covered the song and the original track ‘Sawale‘ was recorded in the late 1960’s by Nigerian Highlife artist Rex Lawson.

Considering the fact that Flavour’s version gained wide popularity, I guess the original creator of the song actually deserves more credit. Unfortunately Rex Lawson cannot experience the popularity of the song during these days. He died in 1971 in a car accident on his way to play a show in Warri/Nigeria.

Listen below to the original track as well as Flavour N’Abania’s version:

Rex Lawson  *-*  ‘Sawale‘ (Original)

Flavour N’Abania  *-*  ‘Nwa Baby

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