Introducing: Blick Bassy

Blick-Bassy-c-Martin-KamstraIf you put Blick Bassy‘s music in the ‘Afro Soul’ box you miss the many different nuances of his music. Blick Bassy exposed himself to many different music genres which all influenced his music (Jazz, Latin, Soul, Makossa, etc.). Coming from a bourgeois family he was supposed to purse a career behind an office-desk and not on stage but Blick Bassy took his own route. When he was a child his parents send the young rebellious Blick to Mintaba – an isolated village on the countryside, somewhere between Yaoundé and Douala – where his grandparents lived. It was in Mintaba where he learnt to play the guitar.  After years of living in the rural area he came back to Yaoundé and decided to become a musician.

During the last years he expanded his career enormously and became a popular artist. He released two great albums (‘Léman‘ and ‘Hongo Calling‘) and has played with worldclass artists.

Watch below the wonderful videos for his tracks ‘Likanda‘ and ‘Maria‘ and listen to three songs from his last LP ‘Hongo Calling‘.

Blick Bassy  *-*  ‘Likanda

Blick Bassy  *-*  ‘Maria

Blick Bassy  *-*  ‘Fala Portugues’ & ‘Bolo Mo‘ & ‘Liké’

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