‘Muntu’ – JR (Feat. Nokwazi)

JR - Muntu4

JR - Muntu6

JR - Muntu9JR‘s video for this track ‘Muntu‘ went completely under the radar. It was released in December but did not get quite the attention it deserves. The track features Nokwazi and is the second release from his album ‘Kool Forever‘ in which the South African artist dropped very diverse sounds, including a collabo with Angolan Kuduro star Cabo Snoop (‘Au Weh‘).

The track ‘Muntu‘ is itself a up-tempo dance track, which includes some mbaqanga elements and has a very interesting concept. JR trashes the whole idea of race and re-interpretes the concept of ‘Muntu’ which means ‘person’ in many Bantu languages. In the video it is defined as ‘a human being regarded as an individual‘, which makes the track an advocacy track for humanism. In order to illustrate that the colour of the skin does not play a role in this concept, you can see JR’s and Nokwazi’s heads painted in black, white or gold in the video. A great video by Pilot Films!


JR  *-*  ‘Muntu‘ (Feat. Nokwazi)

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