JUSI I LOVE readership

JUSI I LOVE readership

I created JUSI I LOVE in May 2012 without knowing where this blog actually would be heading. As weeks and months passed the blog received more and more readers. Most of these readers come from the USA, South Africa, Kenya, Germany and Great Britain but there have also been readers from small countries like the Comoros, Isle of Man or Azerbaijan. It’s wonderful to know that thousands of people around the world have accessed this blog and have enjoyed listening to African music, whether they live in Europe, South/ North America, Asia or Australia. The diversity of the readership proves: African music is on the rise and it keeps spreading through the internet!

There are many examples in African countries, where music is constantly influencing political and social spheres. Inspired by Angelique Kidjo’s op-ed piece ‘Songs of Freedom‘, I will introduce a series about African music that shapes social peace and promotes peace: African music for Peace. Here I will mention a lot of music that is usually not recognized beyond the national borders but which has a message that might be relevant for many other countries in the world.


Angelique Kidjo  *-*  ‘Sedjedo‘ (Feat. Ziggy Marley)

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