Fuse ODG unleashes official video for ‘Antenna’ (Feat. Wyclef Jean)



antenna3Three days ago Fuse ODG released one of the most anticipated videos in 2012! After he asked everybody to participate in a worldwide competition and upload their own dance video for his Azonto track ‘Antenna‘, he started an incredible dance craze! People from all over the world (Switzerland, USA, France, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, England, etc.) directed their own ‘Antenna‘ video and thus contributed in spreading the Azonto dance internationally. Although Fuse ODG did not ask them to direct the videos in public spaces, almost all of the participants did so. Public Azonto entertainment!

When you watch the official video you will be surprised: Fuse ODG actually invited the participants from two ‘Antenna‘-competition-videos that prooved to have the most views on youtube: Team Manchester (815,032 clicks) and Team London (774,264 clicks). Another great surprise: The song features singer and song-writer Wyclef Jean.

Watch below the very original video for the track ‘Antenna‘ as well as three creative competition entries from Kenya, Amsterdam and Switzerland. Check his homepage to see all competition entries.

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Feat. Wyclef Jean) (Official Video)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Team Kenya Video)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Team Amsterdam Video)

Fuse ODG  *-*  ‘Antenna‘ (Team Bern/Switzerland Video)

H/T: ThisIsAfrica

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