“Sushi Dance” – Soweto’s Finest

Sushi Dance

Sushi Dance2

Sushi Dance3The group Soweto’s Finest which are seen as the “Kings of the iSbhujwa” dance culture are going to release a LP soon and have so far visualized two songs of the album: “Jaiva Fresh” and “Sushi Dance“. In both videos the group shows us some very entertaining and excellent iSbhujwa dance steps. Since iSbhujwa is not yet very much known beyond South Africa’s borders, these videos could prove to be groundbreaking to promote it internationally. Soweto’s Finest deliver some of the finest iSbhujwa for a global audience. The group has incredibly high potential and we have good reason to see what they are up to in 2013. I will inform you about their LP once it’s released.

Please read here a post I have written about Soweto’s Finest for STOCKTOWN.

Watch below first the great video for “Sushi Dance” which is followed by the “Jaiva Fresh” video:

Soweto’s Finest  *-*  ‘Sushi Dance

Soweto’s Finest  *-*  ‘Jaiva Fresh

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