JUSI I LOVE – Top 20 Songs 2012

top 20 songsIn music blog culture it is a yearly ritual to pick the best 10 Songs/ Albums/ Music Videos. Since JUSI I LOVE was created this year it is the first time that JUSI I LOVE picks the best pieces in each category. It is obvious that such lists cannot include all excellent songs, albums and music videos from Africa. It’s rather a selection of a selection. Today I will present to you the Top 20 Songs of 2012. On Saturday I will post the Top 10 Albums and the Top 15 Music Videos. On December 23 I will present to you a Christmas gift by posting a list of wonderful songs that are free for download.


1. Just A Band  *-*  ‘Probably For Lovers‘ (Kenya)   (FREE Download)

2. The Very Best  *-*  ‘We OK!’ (Feat. K’Naan) (Malawi/ UK/ Somalia)   (Purchase)

3. Bongeziwe Mabandla  *-*  ‘Gunuza‘ (South Africa)   (Purchase)

4. Layori  *-*  “Iwa Lewa” (Nigeria)   (Purchase)

5. Fuse ODG  – ‘Azonto‘ (Feat. Tiffany) (Ghana)   (FREE Download)

6. Kae Sun  *-*  ‘Ship and the Globe‘ (Ghana/ Canada)   (Purchase)

7. D’Banj  *-*  ‘Oliver Twist‘ (Nigeria)   (Purchase)

8. Blackmagic  *-*  ‘Confam’ (Nigeria)   (Purchase)

9. The Soil  *-*  ’Iinkomo Beatbox Remix‘ (Feat. Zakwe) (South Africa)   (Purchase)

10. Tebogo Mathiba  *-*  “Thari Ya Sechaba“ (Botswana)

11. LV  *-*  “Sebenza” (Feat. Okmalumkoolkat) (South Africa)   (Purchase)

12. Chashe  *-*  ‘Dhi‘ (Zimbabwe)   (FREE Download)

13. Ben Zabo  *-*  ‘Wari Vo‘ (Mali)   (Purchase)

14. Hope Masike  *-*  ‘Povo m’povo‘  (Zimbabwe)   (FREE Download)

15. K’Naan  *-*  ‘With God On Our Side’ (Bob Dylan Cover) (Somalia)   (Purchase)

16. Wizkid  *-*  ‘Pakuromo‘  (Nigeria)   (FREE Download)

17. The Fridge  *-*  ‘My Mrs.’ (South Africa)   (FREE Download)

18. Anges d’Afrik  *-*  ‘Nalingi Ye‘  (D.R.C./ France)   (Purchase)

19. Mdou Moctar  *-*  ‘Anar‘ (Niger)   (FREE Download)

20. Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang  *-*  ‘Somebody(Sierra Leone/ USA)   (Purchase)


Here you can find 15 of the 20 songs in one Soundcloud-Set:


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