African Music for Peace: ‘Stop A La Guerre’ – Fally Ipupa

Fally Ipupa - Stop A La GuerreCongolese Ndombolo star Fally Ipupa has released ‘Stop A La Guerre‘, a beautiful song in which he strongly condemns the recent increase of violence in the Eastern part of his country and advocates for peace. The M23 rebels might have left the strategic town of Goma but the continuous human rights abuses by various rebels groups, the Congolese army as well as the UN peace keeping troops keeps his message very relevant. The region has been plagued by armed violence since 1998 which has led to thousands of people fleeing the Kivu regions.

The song is a melodious RnB song with a strong message and will surely spread quickly through social media. You can download it for free via Soundcloud. Watch the lyric-video below:

C’est avec un coeur meurtri, rempli de peine et d’une lueur d’espoir que j’invoque la paix, l’amour, l’unité entre les peuples. Nous voulons que notre terre soit arrosée par les eaux bénites et non par le sang tel que dans un abattoir. Nous voulons la paix, nous gardons l’espoir.” – Fally Ipupa


Fally Ipupa  *-*  ‘Stop A La Guerre


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