Just A Band’s legendary ‘Africa in Your Earbuds’ mixtape

just a band okayafricaThere are more than 30 editions of Okayafrica’s mixtape series ‘Africa In Your Earbuds‘ now. Today I would like to share with you my most favourite version of all time, which was created by the Kenyan masterminds Just A Band (who have recently released their third studio album ‘Sorry For The Delay‘). The mix is a legendary compilation of pieces of Just A Band’s DJ Sets as well as rare diamonds of African classics (Makossa by Sam Fan Thomas) or contemporary African music (Afro-House by DJ Cleo).

The right treatment for Friday night!

Just A Band  *-*  ‘Africa In Your Earbuds #5’ (FREE Download)

1. Dela – “Ulivyo” (Kenya) [DELETED]
2. Vetkoek vs Mahoota – “Shukuma”
3. Psychedelic Nwomkro All-Stars (Kweku Ananse) – “Nwomkro Jam 2.0”
4. A Just A Band Mashup containing elements from of Little Dragon “Never Never (SBTRKT Remix)” and Yoko Kanno’s “Fantasie Sign” from the Cowboy Bebop OST.
5. DJ Cleo – “Katu Katu”
6. Just A Band – “Heat (Demo)”
7. Jali Bakary Konteh – “Combination (Hat and Hoodie Remix)”
8. Another Just A Band Mashup containing elements from Black Coffee + Hugh Masekela – “We Are One (Louie Vega Remix),” and a katitu song.
9. A snip-up of Hugh Masekela performing Fela Kuti’s “Lady”
10. Another snip-up of “Nanan” by Ali Farka Toure, Baaba Maal, Youssou N’Dour, Papa Wemba, Franco, Manu Dibango
11. A mild remix of Sam Fan Thomas’ “Neng Makassi”
12. A mashup of “Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow” from the Sarafina! film soundtrack and dialogue from Tolu Ogunmefun’s 7th episode of “Don’t Jealous Me” (“Pronounce My Name – Shett Men!”)
13. Sam Fan Thomas’ “Noa”

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