Introducing: The Fridge

The Fridge is without any doubt the Jazz ensemble with the freshest sound in South Africa. Samkelo Mdolomba (vocals), Mothusi Thust (guitars) and Adebayo Omotade (drums) started to play together in 2010 at The Loft, a place in Melville, Joburg and quickly gained popularity when people recognized this new jazzy sound. The trio self-consciously opposes to be described through genre. That is why they came up with the term ‘urbanscape‘ which describes the space where Neo-Jazz and Neo-Soul meets when The Fridge creates music together. If you want to experience this urbanscape you are invited to listen to their EP ‘Bass, Drum & Sam‘ which consists of five excellent tracks. The Fridge are expected to release their first album in 2012.

Listen here to their EP ‘Bass, Drum & Sam‘ which you can download for FREE via dropbox and watch also live performances of ‘My Mrs.‘ and ‘Now And Then‘ below.

The Fridge  *-*  ‘My Mrs.

The Fridge  *-*  ‘Now And Then

H/T: Mahala

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