Classic: ‘Neria’ – Oliver Mtukudzi

neria soundtrack image

Written and sung in 1993 by Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi the song ‘Neria‘ is rather a modern classic but surely one of the greatest songs sung by the living legend from Zimbabwe. The song was written for the soundtrack of the movie  ‘Neria‘ which is about the struggles of a woman in rural Zimbabwe who lost her husband through an accident. Oliver Mtukudzi’s very emotional song is about the strength of women and how they succeed in facing live challenges. In the lyrics, Mtukudzi tries to console and encourage the woman:

“Don’t be disheartened Neria,

God is with you (Mwari anewe).

May your heart be strong, be strong, God is with you.

Death is jealous, it separates those in love.

Don’t be disheartened my sister,

God is with you.”


Oliver Mtukudzi  *-*  ‘Neria

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