Listen to K’Naan’s new album ‘Country God or the Girl’

K’Naan has finally released his fourth studio album, titled ‘Country, God Or The Girl ‘. The LP includes five previously released tracks: ‘Is Anybody Out There‘ (Feat. Nelly Furtado), ‘Hurt Me Tomorrow‘, ‘Nothing to Lose‘ (Feat. Nas), ‘More Beautiful Than Silence‘, ‘Waiting Is A Drug‘ and ‘Better’ but additional 9 fresh songs.

The great thing is that you can listen exclusively to the LP in its entirety for free on Spinner! ‘The Seed‘ is a great pace-maker for the album, ‘70 Excuses‘ includes nice Somali raps by K’Naan and ‘Bulletproof Pride‘ has great potential to become a K’Naan classic.

Below you can listen to the songs ‘Hurt Me Tomorrow‘ and ‘Nothing to Lose‘ (Feat. Nas).

K’Naan  *-*  Hurt Me Tomorrow’

K’Naan  *-*  ‘Nothing to Lose‘ (Feat. Nas)

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