Okayafrica – Africa in your earbuds #28

And here is yet another mixtape in the Africa-In-Your-Earbuds-Series by Okayafrica. Tape #28 was mixed by the group The Brother Moves On which is a collective of artists from Johannesburg who present performance art by using costume, music and storytelling as artistic tools (I will present them to you in a separate post soon). Their AIYE-mixtape is filled with many nice gifts:

It starts with an interesting 3D-intro (mixing three different sounds into one) before it quickly adds pace with funky Hip Hop tunes by Me Dough and Tumi and the Volume, just to slow down a bit with a brilliant collabo between Animal Collective and the Kasai-Allstars. Later in the mix you can listen to legends like South African Busi Mhlongo or contemporary artists like Kenyan quartet Just A Band. I love the slow blues/jazz ending with Quincy Jones’ ‘Love and Peace‘.

By jumping between different genres and musical eras it shows coherency in diversity. One of the most brilliant AIYE-series so far. Listen to it hear and don’t forget to download it, it’s free.

Here the tracklist:

Intro. Neil Armstrong Landing on The Moon / H.F Verwoed Explains apartheid / Sikelela – The Brother Moves On (TBMO)
1. Kay Ara – Me Dough ft Lil Shaker and Yaa Pono
2. Afrique – Tumi and the Volume (TATV)
3. Quick as White – Animal Collective vs Kasai Allstars
4. C U L8r – TBMO remix of Motel Mari’s See You Later.
5. We babe mncane – Busi Mhlongo
6. Tingiza Kichiwa – Just A Band
7. Liberie – Neo Muyanga
8. Ba dutse – Neo Muyanga
9. You too Brutus? – Bateleur
10. Do do wap is strong in here – Curtis Mayfield
11. Mmalo We – Bayete
12. Undaunted spirit – Feya Faku
13. Mo Bophelong – Kwani Experience
14. Love and Peace – Quincy Jones
15. Whitey on the Moon – Gil Scott Heron

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