‘La historia Es Nuestra’ Nneka & Babatunde & Chiliscote

From her work in the Sierra Leonen project ROPE we knew that Nneka’s sociopolitical commitment goes beyond borders. Here comes a track which proves again her great will for social and political change. The song is an inspiring collaboration between Nneka, her fellow countryman Babatunde and the Chilean rapper Chiliscote.

La Historia Es Nuestra‘ (The history is ours) was inspired by the heavy protests for equal education in Chile but its message is dedicated to all people worldwide who fight for a better life and also to all the victims of neoliberal repression

It’s a very inspiring song that unfortunately finds high relevance in many societies of this world.

Nneka & Babatunde & Chiliscote *-*  ‘La historia Es Nuestra

H/T: NotJustOk

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