Introducing: Maciré Sylla

Maciré Sylla is one of West Africa’s best Afropop singers. She is originally from Conakry, the capital of Guinea, but she spent some time of her childhood on the countryside where her grandparents lived. There, her grandmother taught her traditional songs and thus gave her musical roots. Built on this strong heritage Maciré Sylla has since developed an international career and has already released five albums. Her songs – mostly performed in Soussou language – show various influences, such as Reggae or electronic pop which makes her sound very diverse.

Watch here two videos that show two different sides of her sound: Whereas the lighthearted ‘Tiama‘ makes it hard for you not to move with it, ‘Frediyo‘ is a slow ballad. Stream also five other songs from her masterpiece LP ‘Thalita‘ below.

Maciré Sylla  *-*  ‘Tiama

Maciré Sylla  *-*  ‘Frediyo

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