Avit – ‘Election Day’

As Ghanaians go to the polls today in presidential and legislative elections, rising Ghanaian Afro-Fusion artist Avit provides the Republic with a suitable soundtrack. The “Election Day” is a sober critique of the political elite in Ghana but likewise a powerful reminder of the citizens’ most important power in democracies: The right to vote. As Avit rides on the Kuvie produced tune, he dismantles Ghanaian politics, piece by piece. He addresses the politicians’ corruption and assumes that the founding father of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, would be sad to see the current state of affairs:

“Cos the ting you do for show e no convince me
You dey lie to our faces instinctly
Believing your promises too riskyyy
Big man you dey hear…
If Nkrumah come see us today he go dey tear for eye”

In the lyrics Avit points to rising criminality (“You see the crime rate skyrocketing of course“), economic hardships (“Everything around you go too dey cost“) and ruinous infrastructure (“See the roads are still full of potholes“). He explicitly takes issue with the politicians’ hypocrisy and immoral behavior:

“You have the secretary but get the PA
One do the work, one do the BJ
But those who do the work you leave dem bleeding
When it comes to Election day I go ask you wetin you plan for me”

At the end all comes down to Avit’s key question: “Wetin you plan for me“? Whoever wins the race in this year’s Ghanaian election will be held accountable by the citizens. ‘Election Day‘ was released by Akwaaba on his debut EP ‘Election Day‘ and is available on all platforms.


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