Pamela Badjogo – ‘Toto’

In times of a global pandemic that brings isolation, suffering and social polarization, the Gambian Soul artist Pamela Badjogo bestows the world with a message of solidarity. As in previous tracks (‘Respectez-nous‘ & ‘Ngoka‘), she uses her voice to remind us about values like humanity, diversity and unity. In her new Afropop track, ‘Toto‘, sung in her mother tongue Bakaningui, Pamela Badjogo celebrates likewise our diversity as well as our common humanity. In the refrain of the Kwame Yeboah produced song, she stresses that we humans may be different, but our common humanity connects us eternally.

“Toto toto bassi wè mu toto wèssè wè vutugha mu toto.”

Nous sommes tous poussières, nous retournerons poussière,
au delà de nos différences nous nous ressemblons tous

In a recent statement, she said: “We need everything to make the world complete. It’s the richness of humanity to embrace all cultures.” The track is taken from her her anticipated LP ‘Kaba‘, to be released in April 2021. ‘Toto‘ is available on all platforms.

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