Ami Yèrèwolo – ‘Je Gère’

Award-winning Malian rappeuse Ami Yèrèwolo has always preached it: “I’m saying it all the time: It’s not the gender that counts, it’s the talent“. And she is walking the talk. Having skillfully maneuvered her own path through the male dominated rap game, she signed a record deal with the label Othantiq – founded by musical virtuoso Blick Bassy (‘Ngwa‘).

Je Gère‘ is taken from her highly anticipated debut album, which will be released in 2021. In a fast-paced melange of Bambara and French, she raps about the destructive potential that language can have on human relationships: “The wrong interpretation, gossiping or the distortion of words taken out of context can at times cause irreversible conflicts.” (#Auxsons) Ami Yerewelo knows the force, that words can unfold.

She utilizes this force constructively herself as rappeuse to deconstruct the patriarchal and sexist structures as well as other systems of injustice: “Thanks to Hip Hop, I could undertake my path as a women and as a female rapper. I could also maintain my determination to fulfill myself and reach my goals in an environment that does not make it easy for people like me, who have a masculine style, who have a profile which does not correspond to the norms of our society.” (Buzzdefou)

Watch below the Lyric Video of ‘Je Gére‘ as well the ‘Bamako’-version of a multipiece-dance-choreography by the Cameroonian-Italian artist Naadeya. The track is available on all platforms.

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