‘African Police’ – Sia Tolno

 sia tolnoThe Guinean chanteuse Sia Tolno takes a new direction in her new fourth album ‘African Woman‘. She discovered Afrobeat for her artistry and delivers – together with famous afrobeat veteran Tony Allen – a vibrant album with politically conscious tracks. Released in June, it is already at position #3 in the World Music Charts Europe. You can stream the whole album via Afropop.

The first released track, ‘African Police‘, deals with police corruption and is gives us a nice glimpse of what else we can hear on the album. On other tracks of the album she deals with machismo (‘Manu‘), warlords (‘Rebel Leader‘), police corruption (‘African Police‘), immigration (‘Yaguine Et Fodé), adovates for education for women (‘Waka Waka Woman‘) and condemns female genital mutilation (‘Kekeleh‘). Fela would surely be proud to listeo to Afrobeat with such strong messages.

Listen below also to an edition of RFI’s ‘World Music Matters‘ in which the singer gives details about her motivation behind the album and the sociopolitical messages that the album contains.

You can purchase the new album via itunes.

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