‘Nitabaki Na Nini’ – Sarabi Band (Feat. Juliani, H_art the Band, Berry, Gachago & Tear Drops)

sarabiThis song could have not been released in a more appropriate time. Whereas Kenya is currently experiencing rising ethno-poltical tension, a number of Kenyan artists came together to create the track ‘Nitabaki Na Nini‘ (What will I remain with?). As it is shown right at the beginning of the video, the song is “dedicated to the victims of politically instigated violence.”

Kenya experienced post-election violence along ethno-political lines after the 2007 elections. Sarabi Band (‘Fuata Sheria‘), Juliani (‘Utawala‘, ‘Voters vs. Vultures‘), H_art the Band, Berry, Gachago and Tear Drop use their voices to remind their fellow citizens that politically instigated violence does not benefit the ordinary citizens. Political entrepreneurs are mobilizing citizens for their campaigns only to gain personal benefits. A Sarabi Band member shared their motivation behind the track:

“We wanted to spread enlightenment to Kenyans. There are only two parties who get affected by the nation’s prosperity or it’s woes; the poor and the rich. Consequently we wanted to at least try and brush off the laxity of the middle class on this one.” (Source: Mdundo)

Sarabi Band  *-*  ‘Nitabaki Na Nini‘ (Feat. Juliani, H_art the Band, Berry, Gachago & Tear Drops)


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