‘Future Sound of Mzansi Vol. 1 & 2 Mix’ – Spoek Mathambo

future sounds of mzansiWhereas the rational behind Best-of-Mixtapes is to select the best tracks from a certain past, South African music futurist Spoek Mathambo turns the game around and picks music which may dominate South Africa’s music in the future. ‘The Future Sound of Mzansi‘ Mixtapes 1 and 2 are musical prophesies that you can put into your digital music shelves, just next to all version of the Africa-In-Your-Earbuds-Mixtape-Series and Africa21 Mixtapes.

When he compiled the two mixtapes, even Spoek Mathambo got surprised by the diversity and creativity of South Africa’s new producer generation: “Crazy wave of producers coming from all parts of SA … most of them I’d never heard until last week. Good times.

While the Mixtape Vol. 1 focuses on electronic and house music with artists like Oskido, BIG FKN GUN, Card On Spokes , John Wizards, Vol. 2 conatains a mix of Afro Rock, Soul, Funk, Indie & Electronica and includes songs by Petite Noir, The Brother Moves On, Vukazithathe and many others (Tracklist below).

Are you ready? Listen below to the future sound of Mzansi! Vol. 2 is free to download via Soundcloud!

Tracklist Mixtape 1:

Fantasma – ‘Eye Of The Sun‘ (Dj Mpula Remix)
Maramza – ‘Sekwa Sithti‘ (Feat. Ruffest)
Hlasko – ‘Time
Big Space & Albert Axe – ‘Mojado
Moonchild & Maramza – ‘Inkwenkwezi
Okmalumkoolkat – ‘Safe & Sound
Elphnt – ‘Bleep Bloop
DJ Zinhle – ‘My name Is‘ (Feat. Busiswa) (Maramza Mix)
BIG FKN GUN – ‘Gqoma‘ (Feat. Manelis)
Marco Filby – ‘Township Trauma
Bateleur – ‘Divorce‘ (Christian Tiger School Remix)
Ol’tak – ‘Manifest
Card On Spokes – ‘Chocolate Covered Weekend
Cutting Gems – ‘Tonight Baby
Maramza – ‘Tearz
Wildebeats – ‘Sexy Rich Girl
John Wizards – ‘Leuk‘ (OX++_Remix)
John Wizards – ‘Hogsback
Pegasus Warning – ‘The Mountain‘ (Mujava, Spoko, Spoek Mathambo Remix)
Eltonnick – ‘Benda‘ (Feat. Max Tutu)
Madanon, Mreyza, Ceeyaah ‘n Pilado – ‘Idimoni
Tribal Warriors – ‘Lerato‘ (Feat. Noe-Li) (Prod. by Dj Spoko & Panyaza)
Hume da Muzika (Giant of the Dancefloor) – ‘Qamu
Oskido – ‘Tsa Mandebele‘ (Feat. Candy)
Mash.O – ‘The Village
Bhar – ‘Uyabhampa‘ (Feat. Dj Tira and Sir Bubzin)
MrAppleSawc – ‘Clicks Ticks
Jumping Back Slash – ‘Plateaux
Jumping Back Slash – ‘Always Unfinished But Never Outgunned
Madanoni ‘n oBen 10 – ‘Opopayi (Ndakx n Xtralarge)

H/T: Okayafrica

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