‘Ekò (Lagos State)’ & ‘Rise’ – Kuku

kuku2Rising Nigerian Yoruba Soul Aritst KUKU will soon drop his new LP ‘Ballads & Blasphemy‘. After his successful release ‘Soldier of Peace‘ in 2012, we can surely expect excellent ballads rooted in Yoruba lyricism and explored through warm Soul music.

We can anticipate to see the following two tracks on the new record. ‘Ekò‘ (Lagos State) is a lovely ballad to one of the most lively spots on the African continent: The ever-moving never-sleeping metropolitan city of Lagos. It’s refreshing to listen to such a slow Lagos anthem – it seems as if KUKU slows down the Lagos busyness for some few moments and enables us a new musical experience of this bustling city: “Lagos State, come know the place, Only the strong will survive in Ekò, I’ve been around, New York and Paris, But nowhere compares to Ekò

The second track ‘Rise’ is a deeply sociopolitical track. KUKU advocates for the ultimate societal transformation – a revolution: “Rise, it’s a revolution, Stand for the future you want, Rise it’s a revolution, Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughter, RISE!“. The two tracks are exciting tracks, that increases our anticipation of his new release.

Watch below also Kuku’s feature on the show My Song on RNW, in which he talks about how he uses his music to criticise the political elite of Nigeria.

KUKU  *-*  ‘Ekò‘ (Lagos State)

KUKU  *-*  ‘Rise

RNW My Song ‘Kuku pleads for Goodlluck Jonathan’s compassion’



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