Introducing: Idylle Mamba

Karne Ma9When the international media writes about the Central African Republic in these days, it is purely negative news. Of course, it is crucial that the suffering of ordinary Centrafricans gains international attention to increase pressure on all actors to find a sustainable political solution. However, I would like to counter-balance the purely negative news and highlight the cultural richness of this country presenting to you some of their great musical artists. You may explore the vibrant CAR music scene through the artist platform Banguiwood.

Idylle Mamba is one of CAR’s outstanding artists. The young singer, who has an amazingly positive charisma, combines traditional Centrafrican elements with Jazz and Soul and in this process creates a sound she describes as “tradi-modern” or “Centrafrik-ailleurs (elswhere)”. She was inspired by music when she was 14 years old and joined the female ensemble Focus Masseka, through which she gained experience on international festivals. In 2002, she left the group to start her individual career and was soon later awarded by the Alliance Française Bangui with the “Prix de la Chanson Francophone“. After two years of artistic formation at the Music Hall, a renowned music school in Toulouse/ France, she relocated to Cameroon in 2007, where she still lives. There she produced ‘Sango et Vous‘, her first hit, a beautiful dedication to the language of her home country.

In March 2013, Idylle Mamba dropped her impressive first studio album, ‘Bêkou‘, sung in Sango, French and Ewondo. The leading track ‘Karne Ma‘ (sung in Ewondo) was visualized in a beautiful video by William Nsai.

She is known as a active promoter of female artistry as well as Centrafrican culture and traditions. In her music she often deals with themes like injustice, exclusion or racism. Her activism for peace is exemplified by her participation in the song ‘SOS Paix en Centrafique‘, a joint effort by many African artists to call for peace in the CAR.

Idylle Mamba  *-*  ‘Karne Ma‘ (itunes)

Idylle Mamba  *-*  ‘Sango et Vous

Idylle Mamba  *-*  ‘Gadji Koyo(itunes)

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