‘Fuata Sheria’ – Sarabi (Feat. Juliani)



sheria4Yesterday, Kenya marked the 50th anniversary of its independence. The country has come a long way and has many reasons to celebrate. But although it’s all about festivities on such an occasion, Kenya’s Sarabi Band from Nairobi’s Eastlands and Sheng rapper Juliani take a critical look at Kenya’s current state. The track ‘Fuata Sheria‘ (means ‘respect the rule of law‘ in Swahili) is a powerful and bittersweet call to all Kenyans, if political leaders or ordinary wananchi (citizens), to take responsibility for their contributions to the corrupt status quo.

The track was written after activist Boniface Mwangi shared a list of the scandals in Kenya’s politics from the last 50 years with George Nderitu, the Sarabi Band Manager. Once again Juliani, who was invited to collaborate on the song, proves his capacity as socio-politically conscious rapper as he did previously in ‘Utawala‘ and ‘Voters vs. Vultures‘.  The promising newcomer band Sarabi should be on our radar.


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