‘Gauteng’, ‘Love On The Go’ & ‘So Amazing’ – Asheru

SleeplessInSowetoAlbumCoverAfrican-American Hip Hop artist Asheru just released his new excellent LP entitled ‘Sleepless in Soweto‘. It is a product of his collaboration with Hip Hop artists there and the inspiration he received during his stays in the rainbow nation. It is a very diverse LP. You will find excellent lyricsm lovely embedded in Hip Hop instrumentals, Soul, Afrohouse and other beats. I would like to highlight three songs here: ‘Gauteng‘ (Feat. Raheem Devaughn), ‘Love On The Go‘ (Feat. HHP & Omar Hunter) and ‘So Amazing‘ (Feat. HHP, Omar Hunter, & Harrison Crump).

According to Asheru “the track “Gauteng” is dedicated to Johannesburg, South Africa and the province of Gauteng, which literally translates to “Land of Gold”. The chorus acknowledges the people that live there as being worth more than gold, beyond the actual resource that Gauteng is built upon.”

You can listen to the whole LP on Asheru’s bandcamp page.

Purchase via Bandcamp

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