Introducing: Tshila

thila3Tshila is an amazingly talented artist from Kampala, Uganda whose delightful Afro-Pop can quickly transform your low mood into a smile. Her music fuses not only the art forms of music and poetry but also traditional Ugandan music with modern elements, like Pop, Hip Hop and Reggae. She released her debut album ‘Slipping From The Nile‘ in 2007 and she is currently working on her second album. We definitely need to follow Tshila’s upcoming projects.

Listen below to her tracks ‘Khube Atweela‘, ‘Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)’, ‘Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)‘ and ‘Namboozo‘.  Watch also a video with a live performance of ‘Khube Atwela‘, in which Tshila also speaks about her motivation to be change society through her music. ‘Khube Atweela‘ for example is a song in Lugisu, a language from Eastern Uganda and means “Let’s Be One”. In this song Tshila appeals to human beings to stop creating imaginary divisions amongst themselves and acknowledge that humanity is one and that human beings are same and shall learn to love each other regardless of race, creed, religion or class.

Tshila  *-*  ‘Khube Atweela (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Buli Shesi Nghola (Whatever I Do)’ (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Omubbi Waakuno (Village Thief)(Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Namboozo (Purchase via cdbaby)

Tshila  *-*  ‘Tshila performs Khube Atwela for BBC Africa Beats

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