‘Bouge A Buja’ – Gaël Faye



Gael8Burundian-French Hip Hop artist Gaël Faye welcomes everybody to Bujumbura! The video for his eclectic homage to the Burundian capital, called ‘Bouge A Buja‘, will definitely leave you excited about this small but intersting capital. Faye gives us a fast-paced guide through culture, cuisine and important sites in Bujumbura, which is known as Buja among Burundians. The track is part of his LP ‘Pili Pili Sur un Croissant au Beurre‘ and shows us, just like his track ‘Petit Pays‘, how much he loves his mother country.

Gael Faye  *-*  ‘Bouge A Buja (Purchase via itunes)

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