‘Skelewu’ – Davido (Skelewu Dance Craze)



skelewuWhen you go through the streets of Lagos and Accra in these days, there is no chance that you can miss hearing ‘Skelewu‘ by Davido. One of the factors which made this track a smash hit is the ‘Skelewu‘ dance. Comparable to Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna‘ dance competition, Davido started a competition among his fans. Based on a instructional dance video he invited his fans to produce their own ‘Skelewu‘-Video. Many fans responded to the call and the Skelewu-Dance-Craze was born. Download ‘Skelewu’ for FREE via notjustok.com here.

Watch below three fan-produced videos for ‘Skelewu’. The last one actually won the competition. My personal favourite is the one by the JayQu Dancers. Davido is yet to release an official video for the song. According to Davido the video, which was leaked some days ago, was not the original one.

  Davido  *-*  ‘Skelewu‘ (Choreo by: JayQu Dancers) (FREE Download via notjustok.com)

Davido  *-*  ‘Skelewu‘ (Choreo by: Lipsticks Bandits)

Davido  *-*  ‘Skelewu‘ (Choreo by: Kiddy)

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