Wetin dey happen?! #13

AbakulimbalimbaWetin dey happen on African dancefloors? Today I would like to share with you five danceable songs from Nigeria, Cameroon, Burundi, South Africa and Uganda. At first, ‘Kumba Market‘ by Magasco from Cameroon, a song which is surprisingly not very famous outside Cameroon. Then, Nigerian Kcee (popular for his ‘Limpopo‘ track) dropped a beautiful video for his track ‘Okoso‘. We continue with a brand-new video for South African Big Nuz‘ Kwaito track ‘Inazo‘ before we listen to Kidum‘s tune ‘Enjoy‘ from Burundi. Finally, we get to Uganda for the Reggae tune ‘Abakulimbalimba‘ by Bobi Wine & Nubian Li.

Magasco  *-*  ‘Kumba Market

Kcee  *-*  ‘Okoso

Big Nuz  *-*  ‘Inazo

  Kidum  *-*  ‘Enjoy

  Bobi Wine & Nubian Li  *-*  ‘Abakulimbalimba

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