Listen to John Wizard’s debut LP via Pitchwork

ZIQ336_John_WizardsSimply put: John Wizard‘s self-titled album is ingenious. Considering the different genres that are being used in this in a seemingly perfect mosaïque of sounds – “African music, R&B, and chamber pop, filtered through gentle electronic arrangements” one can only describe this LP as a true masterpiece. The Cape Town-based duo – consisting of John Withers (music) and Emmanuel Nzaramba (vocals) – will drop their LP officially on 2nd September but (thanks to Pitchwork) we can have an exclusive listening experience here.

There are releases, whose real impact we might only see in the retrospective – they seem to take three steps forward, taking us into a distant futuristic space of music to which Googlemaps won’t never be able to direct us … but artists like John Wizards can. When I heard the LP the first time, I was simply overwhelmed by the deep and unique creativity. It’s brave and bold in its multifaceted approach but in the same moment it seems that every small nuance of sound has its distinctive purpose in this celebration of sound.

Listen to John Wizards LP via pitchwork here.

You can preorder/ buy it via Planet Mu or iTunes.


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